ambezim-g 30 f.c. tabs. price 2023

Ambezim-g 30 f.c. tabs. price 2023

Enzyme replacement therapy


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Active substance/Scientific name of Ambezim-g 30 f.c. tabs. :

About active substance / Uses / Indications (General information):
Ambezim-g contains trypsin & chymotrypsin pancreatic enzymes which are administered in a form & dosage favouring an adequate absorption from the intestinal tract. ambezim-g reduces the intensity of inflammation attenuates the pain helps in the resolution of oedema & exudate & favours the penetration of antibacterial agents in the affected areas. ambezim-g is therefore useful in infective & traumatic conditions accompanied by a local inflammatory reaction where it will accelerate recovery & limit fibrosis & adhesions. pharmacokinetics: trypsin & chymotrypsin are absorbed after oral dosage administration. they are formulated as enteric coated tablets to resist gastric juice but dissolve in the higher ph of the small intestine & release the dose of enzyme at this point. indications: resorption of post-traumatic & post-operative oedema & exudate. adjunctive therapy in localised inflammatory conditions such as: phlebitis thrombophlebitis decubitus ulcers.

Company / Production of Ambezim-g 30 f.c. tabs. :
Global napi pharmaceuticals

Pharmacology / Uses of Ambezim-g 30 f.c. tabs. :
Enzyme replacement therapy

Route of administration of Ambezim-g 30 f.c. tabs. :

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