benphora 30 f.c.tablets price 2023

Benphora 30 f.c.tablets price 2023

Vitamin b
(Benfotiamine+methylcobalamine+pyridoxine hcl+folic acid+calcium d pantothenate+riboflavin)


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Active substance/Scientific name of Benphora 30 f.c.tablets :
Benfotiamine+methylcobalamine+pyridoxine hcl+folic acid+calcium d pantothenate+riboflavin

About active substance / Uses / Indications (General information):
Benphora is a unique combination of b vitamins that support nerves function and improve nerve health. it contains benfotiamine+methylcobalamine+pyridoxine hcl+folic acid+calcium d pantothenate+riboflavin.

Company / Production of Benphora 30 f.c.tablets :
Organix > generica pharma

Pharmacology / Uses of Benphora 30 f.c.tablets :
Vitamin b

Route of administration of Benphora 30 f.c.tablets :

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