scarnox gel 20 gm price 2023

Scarnox gel 20 gm price 2023

Scar therapy


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Active substance/Scientific name of Scarnox gel 20 gm :

About active substance / Uses / Indications (General information):
Scarnoxï- is a non-silicone scar gel that is formulated to improve the appearance of both old and new scars. scarnoxï- contains innovative ingredients which have been shown to help flatten smooth and lessen the appearance of scars while also providing temporary help with discomforts such as itchiness redness irritation and swelling that is associated with scars. uses: -surgical operation hypertrophic scar. -burn scar prevention. -atrophic scar. -hypertrophic accident scar

Company / Production of Scarnox gel 20 gm :
Neubelva > biosource

Pharmacology / Uses of Scarnox gel 20 gm :
Scar therapy

Route of administration of Scarnox gel 20 gm :

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